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Empowering Lives Through Open-Source 3D Printable Assistive Devices.

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Revised Button Assist
This is a redesign of Arthritis Assist - Button Assist, Zipper Pull, Key Assist, and Bag Handle ( This new button hook version is designed to have a rounded handle rather than a flat on one side.
Render v1.323.png
Revised Ball Stylus
This file is a redesign; a stylus was designed for people who have difficulty extending a finger to operate a tablet and have difficulty gripping a standard stylus. This new version is designed to print in two pieces and then threaded together to make the entire part. It is redesigned to make it easy to print, and the part will have no stress points to break. Original design;
Render v1.323.png
Revised Friendly Straw
This is a redesign of friendly straw;( This new version is designed to print on its side, so there are no supports, and it is easier to print. This should fit on most small plastic cups. The modified version is slightly deeper and wider to fit on slightly wider cups and sit a little more securely in the cups. It can be scaled in the print settings to fit different size cups

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We are a mission-driven design company based in Brooklyn, New York. We are a team of passionate engineers and designers ambitious to help create and provide solutions for people who struggle with everyday tasks.

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