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Empowering Lives Through Open-Source 3D Printable Assistive Devices.

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Nail Clipper Jig
The nail clipper holder is a low-cost, 3D-printed handheld tool that makes clipping nails a less strenuous task for people with gripping issues and limited finger dexterity. 
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Pen Holder
A quad amputee from Scotland needed a 3D printed solution to hold pens and pencils. We decided to do a simple, low profile solution to allow him grab the pen off the table as easily as possible. This design has a 3d printed spring built inside where it grabs the pen once pushed on. It easily comes off with a reverse direction push. Watch the video on our Youtube channel:
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Sponge Holder
A brilliant design to help those with limited mobility to wash dishes with one hand. Following our workshop at Cornell Tech, Zayana Khan and Dylan Van Bramer came up with a fantastic assistive device design. A brilliant idea to help with washing dishes with one hand. Check out the video:

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We are a mission-driven design company based in Brooklyn, New York. We are a team of passionate engineers and designers ambitious to help create and provide solutions for people who struggle with everyday tasks.

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