Flatwear Adapter

Gabriela Alejandra

Designed by :

This is a flatware adapter that allows eating and cut food to people with hand movement problems (this was designed for a patient that has lost his thumb) Makes easier hold flatware by thickening the handle and surrounding the hand. The internal channel can be changed in order to hold different things like a thicker flatware, a tooth brush, a pencil, etc. This object was made for the "Mutual de Seguridad C.Ch.C" from Chile. In a project of the Direction of innovation and development, and the Neuro rehabilitation institute.

3D Printing Instructions:

1.) You need a heat gun, cutlery and the printed adapter. 2.) Heat the part of the adapter indicated in the figure, put it on the patient hand and shape it (be carreful because if it's too hot it can burn the patient). 3.) Insert the cutlery in the cannel and heat the start of it, smash it with a pliers.

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