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One Handed Bag Opener

Sam Abner

Designed by :

The device can be mounted to any wall or cabinet and enables a person with only one functioning hand to be able to open a variety of differently-sized bags. To use the product, you should hold the bag in one hand and slowly slide the edge down the razer blade. For the best results, grip closer to the edge you will be cutting open to reduce flimsiness. There are two included screw holes when mounting to the wall, but double stick tape will also work. Finally, when loading the razor blade, for the best results, follow the example set by the image on the right, not the left. The image on the left has the flat edge of the blade sticking out, to increase rigidity, push that edge into the right side of the device so it sits on the hidden platform.

3D Printing Instructions:

Print standing up.

FREE STL File Download 

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