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Blue Heart Hero's Support 

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has put many healthcare providers under great strain as they provide treatment and care to affected patients.Blue Heart Hero is offering its 3D Print services to help fulfill the resources needed for hospitals and medical clinics to overcome this pandemic. We are also looking for partners and support to join us in sharing resources.






Protective Face Shield


Face shields donated 

as of Monday, 4/13/20 8:00pm ET


Right now we are capable of making about 80 Face Shields a week.

Out of our 4 FDM 3D printers, 3 are printing face shields all day and 1 is printing our design tests for 3D printable solutions to help with reducing the spread of the virus.


3D Printers are currently backordered, therefore our Blue Heart Hero machines need to be constantly be running to fulfill high demand. With more materials we will be able to continue our production of face shields. You can help accelerate this effort by contributing to our GoFundMe page. 

If your organization is running low on medical supplies and are seeking additional options using 3D printing, please get in touch. We will do everything possible to fulfill your request.
Covid Contact
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