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Meet Fatemeh

Fatemeh is a triple amputee--she was born with only one leg. Despite her limitations, she is extremely talented! She plays the Santoor and piano. She paints with a wood-burning technique and makes beautiful calligraphy! She can control the tools and musical instruments.


You can follow her on Instagram at @salehi.fatemeh


Part of our project is to design a stand for her to wear the prosthetic leg by herself. 

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Mezrab Custom Attachment

Fatemeh requested a solution that allowed her to better hold her Mezrab. 


A "Mezrab Santoor" is a thin wooden piece that is roughly 1/4" thick and 9" long, that is typically worn on the fingers of a sitar player, which is used for several Iranian and Indian string instruments.

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 17.18.09.png

She currently tapes her Mezrab on her prosthetic to play music. The added springs allow her to swing the Mezrab better on the Santoor strings. which  to believe is a necessary feature to consider as part of the design. The plastic is flexible and sticks to her hand.

The Blue Heart Hero Team designed an attachment to hold a Mezrab. The first design of the  Mezrab-holder  contained screws, which realistically did not work for her. 


Fatemeh lays her arm on one side and it mechanically locks in.

1- Bluehearthero Design Team:

You can follow up with the design process at the link below:


Ping Pong Paddle Holder

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 14.25.49.png

The design should be simple to 3D print, easy to grab to attach paddle.

It should hold on to the paddle really tight because Ping Pong is a game of speed, there's a lot of arm movement, if the fitting is not tight the paddle could detach, fly away and injure someone.

Fatemeh requested a 3D printed ping pong paddle holder. 

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