Meet Fatemeh

Fatemeh is a triple amputee--she was born with only one leg. Despite her limitations, she is extremely talented! She plays the Santoor and piano. She paints with a wood-burning technique and makes beautiful calligraphy! She can control the tools and musical instruments.


You can follow her on Instagram at @salehi.fatemeh


Part of our project is to design a stand for her to wear the prosthetic leg by herself. 


Mezrab Custom Attachment

Fatemeh requested a solution that allowed her to better hold her Mezrab. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


A "Mezrab Santoor" is a thin wooden piece that is roughly 1/4" thick and 9" long, that is typically worn on the fingers of a sitar player, which is used for several Iranian and Indian string instruments.

She currently tapes her Mezrab on her prosthetic to play music. The added springs allow her to swing the Mezrab better on the Santoor strings. which  to believe is a necessary feature to consider as part of the design. The plastic is flexible and sticks to her hand.

The Blue Heart Hero Team designed an attachment to hold a Mezrab. The first design of the  Mezrab-holder  contained screws, which realistically did not work for her. 


Fatemeh lays her arm on one side and it mechanically locks in.

1- Bluehearthero Design Team:

You can follow up with the design process at the link below:



Ping Pong Paddle Holder

The design should be simple to 3D print, easy to grab to attach paddle.

It should hold on to the paddle really tight because Ping Pong is a game of speed, there's a lot of arm movement, if the fitting is not tight the paddle could detach, fly away and injure someone.

Fatemeh requested a 3D printed ping pong paddle holder.