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3D Printed Logo in Color

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

A lot of people showed interest in 3D printed Blue Heart Hero logo. I decided to CAD a two piece model in white and blue, same as the logo and print a tight fit model.

It is two separate parts, all done in Fusion360 which is the only CAD platform of our company. I used Hatchbox white and blue regular PLA. The gap between the parts in 0.038" and the Cura setup:

The fitting is absolutely perfect. The white piece sticks out 1/16" to give a 3D feel to the logo. A lot of people asked me to leave a hole to make a key chain but some asked to leave it as is and glue a magnet on the back!

Both are great ideas, but I made this just for fun and I am sharing the files at the link below:

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