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Fatemeh, Triple Amputee, a True Artist

I met her through instagram, her name popped up on my suggestion screen. I took a quick glance at her! she plays Santoor and piano, she does calligraphy and its beautiful, flawless, just amazing! She paints with wood-burning. I was amazed how she can control the tools and musical instruments. You can follow her on Instagram at @salehi.fatemeh

Fateme Playing Santoor

She was born with only one leg. Part of our project is to design a stand for her to wear the prosthetic leg by herself. That part is covered by Admin.

Attachment for Fatemeh:

I intend to design her a few stuff. An attachment to hold Mezrab shown in figures below and a couple of more devices.

The prosthetic and attachment mechanism

The springs allow her to swing the Mezrab (wooden sticks) better on the Santoor strings. I believe that is a necessary item to consider as part of the design. The plastic is flexible and sticks to her hand. I am designing the attachment to this plastic. I attached a sketch

The Mezrab is a thin wooden piece, you can look it up "Mezrab Santoor". I attached couple of photos here. Roughly 1/4" thick and 9" long.

Mezrab side profile


At this section we share solutions submitted to us. The projects might look half done. That is absolutely fine, the point is their progress. We will monitor their work and allow amputees to advise designers on the platform, helping them better understand the solution.

1- Bluehearthero Design Team:

You can follow up with the design process at the link below:

2- Submit your design through Fusion 360 and we'll share a live link to your design here.

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