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Lecture at SUNY Oneonta

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Today Oct 7th 2019, we got invited to SUNY Oneonta, NY. We talked about 3D printing and it’s application in industries.

It was an amazing experience to share our knowledge and mission of Blue Heart Hero.

It was two classes back to back, around 25 to 35 students. The professor Mr. Will Holmes was happy with the content we covered.

We engaged the students with questions and two 3D modeling software to show the accessibility to free software.

In a few days we have another lecture at a high school in Long Island NY. We are considering to bring a 3D printer and run it through the course for better understanding.

Part of our mission is to teach the young generation about the advantages of 3D printing and human-friendly design perspective, to educate everyone about design approaches.

You can contact us at to book appointment for lecture at your venues or school.

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