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Blue Heart Hero at CES 2020

We had the wonderful opportunity to be at this year's CES convention at Las Vegas Convention Center. From flying cars to wrist bands that capture your thoughts. We visited more than 200 companies and talked to them about our mission and how our designs are going to help those who are struggling with some products due to lack of understanding of designers of all types of bodies.

There are advanced wearables that can capture hand's mobility to better understand different hand gestures. The image above is a VR glove that interacts with digital designs in virtual reality, other than the fun, gaming aspect of it, it can export data for us to record hand movements to improve our designs.

One of our concerns talking to companies was the inclusivity of their products. The above image is a smart belt for seniors or over-weight persons, it helps them with capturing the pressure of the belt while walking, standing, sitting, etc. I talked to them about putting the belt on and taking it off, the question is the design of the buckle. They were interested to know more about how Blue Heart Hero's design can benefit them with inclusive design.

Inclusivity has not been reached to its prime.

We are here to take this to next level and truly make a change by teaching businesses how to be more HumanFriendly™.

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