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About Us

We are a mission-driven design nonprofit based in Brooklyn, New York. We are a team of passionate engineers and designers ambitious to help create and provide solutions for people who struggle with everyday tasks. 

Our Story

Amin Hasani and Jed Tango, two engineers in Brooklyn, met in 2017 to start Blue Heart Hero (“BHH”). They focused on 3D printable assistive devices for those with limb differences and disabilities. For example, a jig for a nail clipper. This design can be 3d printed on any desktop 3D printer and costs less than a cup of coffee to 3D print.

Jed Tango and Amin Hasani.PNG

Our Mission

BHH's mission is to reach +1B people with disabilities world wide by sharing open-source solutions to their everyday challenges.

Why do we do this?

In a world full of 3D printers and global internet access, a large portion of the population is under-represented among designers and engineers.

Assistive devices are expensive, custom fabricated, and not a solution for every disability. Not every disabled person is missing a limb.


Not-for-profit Organization Partners

University Partners

After proving the concept of BHH’s platform, the team has managed to bring the following universities on board for the design contest:

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