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Design Contest July 2021

We are excited to announce that we selected a winner for our 1st Design Contest, we received lots of submissions, where one stood out and from the aspect of 3D printability, it looks promising.

The contest was launched to invite designers from all around the world to share their ideas and come up with a 3D printed device for Mia to allow her to practice archery. 

The Winner

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Brett Armstrong


We are excited to announce that we selected a winner for our 1st Design Contest. Brett Armstrong is a designer from Kiama, Australia. 



"I’m an industrial designer working from the south coast of NSW in Australia. For the past several years I’ve been working in the retail sector designing and engineering various retail display stands, store experiences, and expo displays working with a huge variety of clients from Depends to Xbox and Sony. "

From an early age, I’ve enjoyed making, often I’d choose to make something as my first option.  Becoming self-aware was a big factor in a path to get me where I am (a real-life industrial designer). I Knew that designing/making was the thing I did best and enjoyed but exactly becoming an industrial designer didn’t pop onto my cards until towards the end of high school. My mother knowing me pretty well forwarded me an industrial design course and once I read what it entailed my focus was set and I haven’t looked back.

Image3 - Copy.jpg

My ideas generally come from what I spend the most time looking at, so either immersing myself in my client's world at work (via Pinterest, their campaigns, etc) or on a personal level my hobbies and interests. I find the times in my life when nothing much is happening then the same is happening with my ideas.  The more I do the more ideas flow.


Depending on my work-life schedule ill be looking for more to do, when I saw the post for the BHH contest on @designersvane Instagram then Jumping onto the BHH page and seeing how design and 3D printing could assist others inspired action! I figured it would be an opportunity to join in and assist someone that may need it.

Some advice that I could have used in my early days:

  • Ask questions and mimic techniques from the senior designers in your space, you can get up to speed faster.  

  • Don’t be discouraged if your grinding for a few years as a young designer doing the less glamorous parts of the job it will add to your skillset and depth that will come into play down the track when your resolving your own designs. 

  • Share ideas with your peers, don’t keep the treasure for yourself (see Gollum, LOTR)

  • Always push more from yourself and take the opportunity to change or update something that comes across your desk, even if it's a re-order.

  • Work like there is someone out there that will push harder and smarter than you for longer and less as there is always that person.

  • Critical feedback on your work is an opportunity to make it better, not a personal attack on you.

  • Mostly you will learn from doing, so do everything and get your hands dirty. Reading about how to or watching videos will only get you so far.

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