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Blue Heart Hero's 1st Design Contest


Mia is a 7-year-old half Native American living in New York. Her father mastered archery, following their ancestor's long-time tradition. 

Mia's siblings both did the same and mastered archery. Mia was born with a partial right arm. She does not have fingers, just her 'lucky fin'. 

She would love to continue her ancestors' tradition and follow in her father's footsteps, practicing, and mastering archery. 

At Blue Heart Hero, we decided to launch our first design contest and invite all designers who are willing to make a change through design, share their skills, and receive full credit for their work. 

Blue Heart Hero will pick a winner, help them develop their idea, 3D print it, and deliver it to Mia for testing.   

The winner will be interviewed and posted on Blue Heart Hero's website, and the selected design will benefit numerous people who need a similar solution. 


"An opportunity for designers to share their skills while creating change"

- Amin Hasani


Contest Detail: 

The goal is to help Mia hold the bow with her partial right hand, she is missing all her fingers. Mia loves to learn archery like her siblings and her father. She would like to hold the body of the bow with her right hand and pull the string with her fingers on her left hand. 

A design that can be 3D printed and help Mia with having a good grip on the bow will help her and other little kids like her to practice archery. The idea should be simple to make, lightweight, and anyone with partial limb to be able to use it. A specific design for a specific case is not a solution, Blue Heart Hero chooses the ideas that can work for any lower limb difference. 

The winner will be announced on Blue Heart Hero's website, social media and covered on a few media platforms. Please review our policies for IP and copyrights. 

Submission deadline: June 30th

The winner will be announced on July 14th 

To submit your design, email us at with the subject "Design Contest BHH.01 Submission" and follow the instruction below:

  • Full name(s)

  • Email address

  • Title of design

  • Description (Tell us about your design. Minimum 150 words)

  • High-resolution JPG images of sketches

  • (Optional) 3D model of your design in the following formats: .STEP or .OBJ

  • (Optional) High-resolution renderings


Please make sure your submissions aren’t in violation of ANY copyright or non-disclosure agreement before sending them in. Blue Heart Hero or their affiliates will not own any Intelectual Property of submitted ideas, any submission with existing IP,  copyrights will be rejected. Blue Heart Hero will not mass produce, patent, IP, or sell the submitted ideas. Visit our website for more info. 

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