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Blue Heart Hero's Story

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

In 2016 Amin Hasani joined a non-profitable company in NY called Havenlabs, developing 3D printable assistive devices, he developed a design applicable to almost all amputees with partial forearm. The idea was to develop an open-source design and allow other engineers to join the design project, add value to the project by designing their own attachments. For example, Amin designed attachments that hold: utensil, pen, cup and phone.

An amputee might need to hold a book. They can share it here on Blue Heart Hero, an engineer from any part of the world can design it and the amputee can 3D print it at their local 3D Print shop.

Amin envisioned the future of prosthetics, low cost 3D printable open-source designs. He took the initiative to do it himself, to build a website to share his designs, ideas and gather 3D Print shops around the world to give amputees access to 3D printers.

Other than sharing designs and 3D Print services, Blue Heart Hero will work on educating veterans and amputees 3D printing. It is our dream to see veterans and amputees printing our designs at their home for lowest cost possible.

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