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Meet Vivekananda!

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Vivekananda, a new member of Blue Heart Hero. He is a 23 year old passionate student of MBA from India. Sadly he lost both of his hands in an electrocute shock and became an amputee late 2018. I chatted with him over email and what struck me the most was his positive attitude. He sent me photos of him before and after the incident and surprisingly he has similar smile on all photos! I really admire this positive energy and point of view to life, I myself learnt from Vivekananda and I believe his story can inspire many of us in future.

He was initially interested in Utility Gauntlet by Havenlabs. He needs attachments for daily routine, holding his phone, typing, holding a cup, eating with utensils, etc.

I worked on a better 3D printable solution for him for a week and tested the design. Looks pretty solid, works better than Havenlabs' design (which was done by me 3 years ago) and is smaller in size.

Below is my design that is similar to Utility Gauntlet by Havenlabs, so we're going to call it Utility Gauntlet 2.

It uses flexible filament (TPU) and solid filament (PLA or PC). I am using 1" velcro wrap, so far it has been working well. The new design features a better hook system. 3D printed hook with a little angle on sides to provide better grip on forearm.

Vivekananda is going to receive the 3D printed pieces and later when he gets access to a 3D printer in India, we will share files with him to 3D print by himself. That is part of our mission after all!

The mechanical mechanism of the design is exactly the same as the previous version. Solid material slides into flexible material and sticks hard inside.

For attaching and detaching different pieces on the Gauntlet, I am discussing with Vivekananda to find the easiest solution for him.

Please comment your thoughts or contact us if you would like to join us on this project, or you already have a design and want to share with the world!

Cup Holder

Utensile Holder

Here is the link to the project, you can view our progress live through the link below!

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