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He Literally Taped His Fingers

When Amin Hasani was designing a new assistive device at Havenlabs, he faced many obstacles. The goal was to design a better version of Havenlabs' original design, Utility Gauntlet V. Amin has been sketching different ideas, 3d modeling and testing. He knew there is something missing. He can quite figure out what exactly the problem is. In order to understand product design, you need to live and breathe it. One evening, he started from scratch and asked himself a question: How can I feel what a double amputee feels? Well the unfeasible answer is to lose both arms. How can I lose both hands without cutting them off? Duct tape!

Amin Hasani showing his early sketches to River Castelonia

He taped his fingers, both hands! He went around the room and tried a few things: grabbing a pen, drinking from coffee mug, texting... suddenly it all seemed impossible. He could not eat, drink, text, nothing! He tried to figure out easier ways, get help with teeth. Then the idea of Utility Band hit him. He sketched a few designs and after a few revisions and tests the design was complete.

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