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One-way Attachment Mechanism Concepts

Either for amputees with one partial arm or two partial arms, everyday activities need multiple attachments. We're considering they do not have robotic arms and/or they are not comfortable wearing any device in public. For multiple activities some people use different attachments, for example Fateme Salehi wears a custom made attachment for playing musical instrument called Santoor, or Vahid Moradi has a set of attachments for his workout. I believe there should be a simple mechanism to design for connecting and detaching the attachments. Fateme should not need to tape her Mezrab on her prosthetic to play music. She should use some kind of stand. The Mezrab-holder should not have screws as it does now. It should be seated on a stand, Fateme lays her arm on one side and it mechanically locks in.

We need to allow them wear and take off their prosthetics on their own. Let's share ideas, designs and devices you've seen similar to this idea, to improve the quality of our designs.

The image below is what is in my mind, simple, easy to print, small and applicable to many more designs. Please feel free to comment, submit ideas and we will share it here with others.

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